Early Intervention

At CARD, our first focus is the wellbeing and betterment of our patients. We know that children with autism have the greatest long-term success when treatment is started as early as possible. This early intervention is key to maximizing progress for our patients and building the foundation for lifelong learning. Our expertly skilled team of clinicians are specialists in both Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and working directly with children diagnosed with ASD. We provide each patient a custom-tailored treatment plan that is unique to their needs. CARD is dedicated to supporting each child and family as they begin their early intervention journey

Why is early intervention so important?

The first few years of a child’s life are the most impactful for development, with new skills being learned very quickly. A child’s brain develops rapidly during this time and is primed to learning new skills and behaviors. Because of this, children are more likely to benefit the most from treatment when provided at a young age (18 months -4 years). Behavioral intervention is most impactful when it occurs during this window of time and is most likely to result in optimal outcomes for each child.

With autism spectrum disorder being diagnosed as early as 2 years of age, it is critical for each child to begin treatment as soon as possible. Skills learned in early intervention programs have the greatest chance of leading to lasting, meaningful growth and lifelong success for our patients. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the only therapy approved by the U.S. Surgeon General in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Studies have shown a higher success rate from those who started interventions such as ABA during earlier years of development as compared to starting at older ages. While it is clear that all individuals with ASD can benefit greatly from ABA, early intervention is critical for maximizing progress and giving children the best chance of future success.

What does early intervention look like?

Much like all our treatment programs, CARD’s early intervention programs are individualized according to the specific needs of each child and the priorities of the caregivers and family. Each program will have unique goals and targets and be especially tailored to the child’s preferences and motivations.

All CARD early intervention programs use evidence-based ABA methodologies and combine naturalistic and structured ABA strategies to maximize your child’s learning. CARD early intervention programs also have a strong emphasis on learning through play, and strive to teach targeted skills in meaningful, engaging ways. Learning should be fun! Programs also emphasize skills that lead to lifelong success and learning. Communication skills, social awareness and engagement, learning readiness, and challenging behavior reduction are some of the primary areas prioritized that provide a foundation for future growth.