Skills Global

CARD clinicians utilize the comprehensive Skills® curriculum as the foundation for each learner’s treatment program. Skills® has a robust curriculum that covers eight primary areas of skill development, which can be customized to provide each learner with a truly unique and individualized program according to their needs. Its vast library of treatment goals and lessons have been specifically designed by a team of experienced clinicians with decades of experience working with the autism population.

Skills® curricula include lessons ranging from basic to advanced in each of the following eight areas:

  • Language
  • Play
  • Social
  • Cognition
  • Executive Function
  • Adaptive
  • Motor
  • Academic

One-stop Resource

Skills® is a one-stop resource for creating and implementing comprehensive, tailored treatment plans. With wide-ranging assessment tools, customizable research-based lessons, and detailed progress – tracking reports, Skills® allows clinicians, teachers, and parents to apply scientifically-proven treatments and interventions, measure their effectiveness, and help individuals with ASD reach their fullest potential.